6 Best Azalea Bonsai Trees And Care Guide

December 7, 2020

How would you like it if your bonsai tree bore flowers? Don’t be surprised, we aren’t sleep talking. We are elated to introduce you to the most beautiful variety of Bonsai, the Azalea. No other plant species can be compared to a healthy Azalea bonsai, which clearly tells us how extraordinarily beautiful and elegant this plant is. Azaleas are a group of small to medium sized shrubby plants found in most temperate areas in North America, Europe and Asia. They are almost always broadleaf evergreens, and almost always feature showy flowers.

Focusing on the bonsai varieties, Azalea supports three forms of bonsai: Satsuki and Kurume which belong to Japan and the Rhododendron which is a native of America. The Japanese varieties have smaller leaves when compared to the American one. The satsuki azalea bonsai have been name after the month in which they grow: June.

These bonsai species are delicate and need proper care, and that is why many bonsai cultivators don’t prefer them. But trust us these are the most beautiful and cute trees to adorn your house. All they require is some pampering which we hope you can do. So if you have started thinking, we are already set to help you. Listed below are some of the finest azalea bonsai trees on sale on Amazon.com. Have a look at these and decide for yourself.

Best Azalea Bonsai Trees

1) Joebonsai Nursery Direct Azalea Bonsai

What a beauty! This will be your reaction after this product arrives at your doorstep. With its big, beautiful pink flowers blossoming during spring, you will fall in love with this Satsuki Azalea bonsai tree.

Pros: This tree is of such good quality that you won’t be disappointed. The tree is sturdy and can be maintained easily.

Cons: You would be delighted to know that this product has not received even a single bad review. With 100% positive remarks, it is a must buy.

2) Vibrant Azalea Bonsai – Live Plant

With this product, you can now bring the beautiful azalea flowers indoors. This product is characterized with its dramatic flowers which come in three colors: pink, white and red. The plant loves cool temperatures but it can also tolerate warmer climate. But then you won’t have your flowers.

Pros: The best part about this product is that the flowers are big and bright. They will indeed beautify your living room.

Cons: As beautiful as these flowers are, they are equally worthy of concern and care. So make sure you do not handle them roughly and even the transportation process needs to be under check.

3) Flowering Azalea Bonsai Tree - Double (satzuki chinzan)

Two in one! This is a bonanza for you as you get two plants instead of one and that too in an elegant container filled with pebbles. The flowers are orange in color and the flowering stays for weeks.

Pros: It’s quite obvious. If you had to state one reason to buy this product, you would surely talk about how reasonable the product is. Two plants with accessories at such a nominal rate.

Cons: One thing you need to keep in mind id that you are nurturing not one but two plants in the same pot. So make sure you feed it accordingly.

4) Bonsai Tree Japanese sakura seeds. rare Japanese cherry Blossoms flowers seeds in bonsai, pink Prunus Serrulata15 seeds/pack

Okay now this needs some laborious hours spent over it, but the result would be a magnificent cherry blossom sakura bonsai tree. Cherry blossom variety is rare and unique which makes this bonsai special.

Pros: this product is worth the hard work. The clusters of cherry blossom will revive the spring spirit in your garden.

Cons: extra care is to be taken while watering cherry blossoms. They are extremely sensitive to water and need to be watered as per requirement only.

5) Chinsei Satsuki Dwarf Azalea True Bonsai

A Japanese variety with a Chinese twist, this dwarf azalea bonsai makes an excellent home and garden décor product. The spring season sees this plant blossom into bright pink flowers. The trunk is curvy giving it a typical bonsai look.

Pros: This tree is the best you can have as it is meant for both indoor and outdoor use. It doesn’t require constant sunlight neither does it have to hide from the sun completely. It is very versatile.

Cons: This product has not been reviewed yet which leaves us in a dilemma regarding the validity and quality.

6) Go Garden 100PCS Charming Chinese Azalea Bonsai Plant for Home Garden Fresh Flower Seed Novel Arrival Promotion

This plant can be called a show stopper, all credits to its twisted trunk. The beautiful pink flowers are complemented by an intertwined trunk. It looks as if a whole bunch of really pretty flowers has been stuck to a sleek yet stylish stick.

Pros: The flowers are always a plus point for this product. The blossom stays long enough and the seeds are of good quality.

Cons: Proper cultivation is to be done. As it is self service, you have to perform every step precisely.

Azalea Bonsai Trees Care Guide

You might be engrossed in the beauty of your Azalea flowers. We do not intend to disturb you but you need to take care of those flowers if you wish to be lost in them for a longer time. So here we have a simple yet precise care guide giving you tips on how to protect and nurture your azalea bonsai plant.

  • Positioning: This is an important factor especially during the flowering season. Exposure to direct sun must be avoided when your plant is blooming as only cold weather facilitates the flowering process. Azalea bonsai indoor maintenance requires sunlight exposure for at least two hours.
  • Watering: Azaleas are not very fond of wetness but that doesn’t mean you don’t water them at all. Keep a regular check on the dryness of the soil and water accordingly, preventing water logging. Also avoid hard tap water and use rainwater preferably as azaleas prefer a slightly acidic soil type.
  • Feeding: Azalea variety has a special rhododendron fertilizer which is to be given to the plant in correct dosage during the growth season. Refrain from fertilizing during the flowering season.
  • Pruning: As azaleas have a stronger base, concentrate more on the lower parts of the trunk and leave the branches untouched. Also, don’t forget to pinch of the ovaries after immediately after flowering without which the plant won’t flower the next season.
  • Repotting: Repot your azalea bonsai after every two years and prune the roots carefully. Use the appropriate soil type. Pure kanuma, for example, is the best suited soil.
  • Pests and diseases: Azaleas are not much affected by these but again, there are minute issues. Low humidity invites spider mites, vine weevil eats away the leaves and excessive wetness of soil lead to root rot due to fungus. These are minute issues which can be resolved by a little more care.

See it’s not that tough as it seems to be. The flowers might scare you initially because you wouldn’t want to see them die, but this can be avoided if you follow these simple steps sincerely. It is not much time consuming and is satisfactory. Azalea bonsai care is indeed a wonderful experience filled with hard work and corresponding results.

Frequently Asked Questions

#Q1 - Can azalea bonsai be grown indoors?

Yes very well. If kept indoors, make sure the area is well lit with sunlight for at least two hours. Excessive sunlight is not recommended.

#Q2 - How long do azalea bonsai survive?

You will die but your azalea bonsai wont. These plants live up to a 100 years. No they are not meant to. It all depends on how well you nourish the plant and maintain it.

#Q3 - How often do I water my azalea bonsai?

The tree should be watered once in a day during the growing season. The soil should be neither too soggy nor too dry. The flowering season is the time when the plant is delicate, so take care of your watering schedules.


So we have finally come to an end of our long discussion on these beautiful bonsai trees. Azalea bonsai trees are not only pretty but also a replication of the Japanese culture. Amazon.com has maintained the quality of products and has not disappointed any customer, which makes it trustworthy. All the products mentioned above are of elite quality and will give you the best experience and association with bonsai culture.

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