7 Best Bonsai Starter Kits to Gift Someone Special

December 3, 2020

Is an invitation to your best friend’s birthday party or your colleague’s promotion treat bothering you? We know why. You are in this pickle as you cannot decide what you should gift. Now obviously you can’t go empty handed. You walk into a gift shop confidently, all prepared to buy something. But again, you are in a dilemma because you have no idea how to choose the right gift, considering all parameters like cost, quality, occasion specific,etc.

Now don’t you worry! Calm down and listen to what we have to say. The best gifts, disregarding the occasion, age, gender and all the criteria, are plants. And that too Bonsai are the perfect category of trees. Bonsai trees are short yet classy, which make them an excellent gift material. They might be a little expensive, but they will surely save a lot of time and will not be disappointing to your dear one.

If you are worried about where to find these trees, you will be glad to know that there are many websites which do online delivery of bonsai trees right at your doorstep. One of those websites is Amazon. We have brought to you some of the exclusive Bonsai collection available at Amazon.in. Check it out.

7 Best Bonsai Starter Kits for Gift

1. The Mini Bonsai Kit (Miniature Edition)

This is a really cute gift if your budget is not very high. This can be the reasonably classy gift you are looking for.

This kit includes a 32 page book on bonsai gardening, an instruction sheet, a small pot, a peat pellet, seeds, scissors, etc.

The best thing about this kit is that it is compact and can be placed anywhere in the house. Moreover it’s easy for a beginner to work on a small scale initially.

One thing you have to worry about is the quality of the product as the size is not as usual.

2. The Mini Merry Berry Bonsai Kit

This kit will again pave your way to miniature gardening. It’s small in size yet pretty to look at. This kit has the same contents as any other starter kit.

This kit will give you a colourful bonsai plants which gives it an edge over the other ordinary kits. The flowers make it more appealing and will be loved.

Again, the quality of the product does not have good reviews. Some say that it’s not worth the money. This is something you should be concerned of.

3. Ashbrook Outdoors Bonsai Starter Kit - Everything You Need to Grow 8 Colourful Bonzai Trees - Complete Gardening Set

This kit will not give you one bonsai plant but eight and that too, of different varieties. Each kit includes: 8 biodegradable bonsai pots, 8 bonsai soil discs, 8 bonsai seed varieties, 8 moisture proof vials, 8 plant markers, 8 bonsai trays, 1 pair pruning shears, 1 pair stainless steel shaping tweezers, and 1 instruction booklet.

If your friend is a keen gardener, this is the best you can gift him. This will encourage him to introduce something new into his garden and start working with bonsai.

You need to be careful while purchasing this kit. You need to make sure that the person you are gifting this is well versed in gardening. You don’t want to be cursed for gifting tools do you?

4. Bonsai Potting Kit

This is a simple and basic kit for beginners. All is has is a packet of seeds and a tray for planting.

It may not be that fancy but the quality of product is exceptionally great.

External appearance is bait. We all tend to focus more on the style of packing of the product instead of trying to know what is inside. This might be a setback to this particular product.

5. The Bonsai Kit: Perfect Ancient Art of Miniature Gardening

This is a kit you can gift to somebody who is a gardening lover. It comes with an interesting book which guides you on how to use the kit. The kit contains a set of tools and seeds.

The best thing about this is that it’s an experience of growing a plant all by you. As a result, you learn the importance and value of nature.

Once you are done with the planting and all, you will be extremely satisfied with the good work you’ve done. But that’s not all. You have to constantly care and nurture your plant which is time consuming and not very interesting.

6. The Art of Bonsai Potato(Running Press Mini Kits)

Now this sounds fun and useful at the same time. You do understand how essential potato is. From fries to turkey stuffing, potatoes help you cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner. Therefore, this kit brings you a productive way to kill time.

A Bonsai potato grows within a month. And this kit comes at an affordable price. So you have something to do throughout your vacation and at the end you get a potato. Gift this to a child and he would beam with happiness.

But the bad part of this is that you won’t get instant results. Besides that, waiting a whole month for just one potato sounds dumb.

7. Premium Bonsai Tree Starter Seed Kit (Tropical Bonsai Kit Level 2)

This is a beautiful gift. The Superfly Bonsai kit includes the seeds of the Flamboyant Tree, Sacred Fig Tree and the Purple Orchid Tree. The kit was developed and instructions written by professional bonsai growers to give you the best chance possible for success.

This kit contains a handcrafted rock planter, contoured sprouting dome, seed pack, grave cover and a deluxe planting mixture.

So without second thought, you can go for this product. It has excellent customer reviews as well.

Quality comes with a price. This product might be a little expensive. It’s okay for those who prefer quality over cost but those who don’t, why not give it a try?

Ensure you are following all these basic guidelines and you are good to go!


Don't tell us we haven't given you a perfect solution to your age old problem. What better could you think of! Now whenever you get a party invite, open your laptop and get one of these amazing kits. You can gift them to children so that they remain occupied during their vacations. You can gift them to adults too just as a source of recreation. This is a multipurpose gift indeed. And it's a 100% natural. So what are you waiting for?

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